Astrodienst Links: Blogs & Revistas

The Mountain Astrologer

The leading American astrology magazine 14-Jan-2003



is a glossy British magazine covering astrology, good old New Age and esoteric themes. It has been around since at least 1970. 31-jan-2003



The follow-up of with astrological observations about todays' news 13-Mar-2008


The Horoscopic Astrology Blog

A excellent blog by Chris Brennan, with news and information for people who are either interested in or learning about astrology. 23-Mar-2009


Lecturi Astrologice

An romanian astrology blog containing news, articles, astrological aspects,events, software presentation,and Horoscopes reviews. 5-May-2010


Astropro Society Blog

Greek Astro Blog 31-May-2010


Darkstar Astrology

Celebrity, monthly and mundane horoscopes specializing in fixed stars astrology. 10-Sep-2010


Claudia D. Dikinis Starcats Blog

Political and Mundane astrology, writings, teachings and resources for the beginner through advanced astrology practitioners. 19-Sep-2010

Astrology of Enlightenment Astrology Readings

Astrology readings and articles - The stages of couple evolution - A new world war? - The economical crisis? Answers to your questions They had the courage to ask... 3-Oct-2010

Waves, the Measuring history blog.

Measuring History covers a period that ranges from about 4500bc into the 24th Century basing its findings on both history and astrology. It employs a wave metaphor applied to the outer planets, depicting planet pairs in the same proportion as the lunar cycles. Measuring History uses traditional techniques used in the practice of mundane astrlogy. 19-Dec-2010


The Astrology of U.S. and World Politics by Henry Seltzer. 19-Jan-2011


*the blog of an astrology addict 31-Jan-2011

Astrology Files

General articles about astrology, horoscopes, compatibility and forecasts. 5-May-2011

Compatibility and Love

Compatibility and Love: Tips about compatible dating, how to find love and keep love alive. Learn to build your own self-esteem, create loving relationships, even save your marriage. 2-Jul-2011

Horoscop Zilnic

Horoscop Zilnic is a romanian Horoscope blog where you can read many interesting astrology articles. 19-Apr-2012

Wise Woman in Woods

The Moon shift governs our emotions. When you understand how the lunar cycle affects you each month, you empower yourself! 29-Dec-2012